Relaxation and or Deep Tissue

We understand that pain life changing and debilitating. This massage features a wide range of motilities which are customized to your changing needs.  Communication during this series of treatments is very important.  This massage includes three essential oils, herbs and stones.   

 30min $30

60min $60

90min $90

In Training /Sports Massage

Sports injuries occur weather it is in youth leagues or marathon training or you just need to improve you golf game.  Come and experience a deep tissue massage which will release the stress and tension. You will receive a unique blend of herbals and essential oils during this massage. This massage can be targeted to a specific therapeutic area.

30min $30

60min $60

90min $90

Ultimate Relaxation

This massage features Himalayan Salt Stones.  Himalayan Salt Stones are known for the ability to aid in relaxing the nerves. Enjoy the warmth from the stones during this massage. You will experience the tension release from your muscles while the warm stones are ran over your body. This is a rhythmic massage which featuring Swedish style massage techniques with Himalayan salt stones. Includes chakra balancing and trigger point release.

60min $85

90min $130 (Recommend – you will receive the most benefit from)


Aromatherapy involves the air infusion of essential oils and or applied to the body.  This treatment facilitates deep relaxation.  You will select three essential oils to be featured during your massage, each oil has its own specific therapeutic properties.  This massage also includes foot reflexology as well as scalp and neck massage.

30min $45

60min $75

90min $110